Online Streaming Live Group Fitness Workouts

Designed for all levels

After 10 years of outdoor training we have pivoted all group fitness workouts online streaming LIVE.

Train, strengthen, improve your endurance and improve your performance.

We stream LIVE and coach you every step of the way, every single workout.

Our workouts are interactive. It's a fantastic opportunity to stay socially connected but remain physically distant.

All levels welcome and encouraged! You can join us from the safety of your home or outdoor space.

Everyone can join a Group Fitness Class and allow the stress of your day to disappear as you are taken through a workout of various disciplines to make YOU fitter, stronger, motivated and healthier.

We continue to connect clients from all over the world including France, Prague, New Zealand, England, Sierra Leonne as well as all over the USA

***UPDATE*** our weekly group fitness schedule will be changing as of September 30th 2022. Updates will be available in our weekly newsletter, on social media plus you can reach out to us at anytime via email:


Drop-in: $25

Intro Package - 5 classes (learn more): $115

Ready to Commit - 10 Classes (learn more): $210

Monthly Unlimited (learn more): $95