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Congratulations you have made the first step in joining our Fitness Community. We can't wait to support your goals.

Since 2010 we have been offering premier outdoor fitness in Brooklyn, Manahttan and currently explanding in Philadelphia. Our Group Fitness schedule is designed to create motivation, accountability for focused fun workouts which will want you coming back for more. Our community of amazing clients motivate us to be at our best. 

Personal Training Sessions offer you the opportunity to have our complete attention during 30, 45 or 60 mins in person or online streaming live. 

Our business is continually developing. Over the past 2 years we have established an online streaming live client base to compliment our outdoor training. We offer personal training sessions, group fitness workouts and health coachin, allowing you to stay connected and focused on your goals even when traveling for work, on holiday or have to stay at home. We understand you need us to be as flexible as possible.

You’re important to us and we want to give you the kind of personal attention only a boutique-type fitness environment can give you.  
You will never be lost in the crowd.

So lets get you started. Do you have questions? Please check out our FAQ's (insert link) and if we havent covered everything click here (insert link)to reach out to us. Ready to Book? click below and we will schedule your first workout, personal training session or start your health coaching.

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I'm excited to be your accountability partner supporting your goals

The Experience

BODIESYNERGY Coaching is here for you to explore, discover and excel in key aspects of your life; fitness nutrition healthy lifestyle behaviours and career development .

We are continuously evolving learning and developing skills for you to be at your best whilst working through obstacles. Acknowledging small steps moving towards your ideal results. Learning about yourself as we create a space for you be open authentic and be held accountable.

All our services are available virtually streaming LIVE wherever you are or in person. Lets get you started feeling confident passionate and focused.

How we work together

There are 3 ways you can get started with us.
1. Consultation
2. Virtual Coffee Break
3. Schedule your first Personal Training, Healthy lifestyle Coaching or Professional Development Coaching Session

We want you to be completely confident in choosing us to support you so we offer;
15-20 min consultations to discuss options on how we can support you.
20 min. Virtual coffee breaks for our career development coaching
As soon as you are ready to start click "BOOK NOW" to schedule your first session with us. You can book 30 or 45 min personal training sessions, professional career development coaching sessions or healthy lifestyle coaching sessions.

Next Steps

Congratulations !! You have made one of the most important decisions to create a healthier, more productive and balanced lifestyle. Connecting with us will help you develop your strengths physically and mentally. We are here to work with you and guide you to move forward.

Now that we are connected and you've made that vital first step lets book your first session and start achieving your goals.

Our Story

Establishing a fitness business, gaining a fitness family and so much more

Hi, I'm Joanna so happy to meet you.

Born in New Zealand traveled the world, lived in England (got married, had a baby) then landed in New York, where I have created a home away from home for over ten years. Recently traveling back to New Zealand I take our clients along to enjoy the journey to rediscover my homeland.

Many aspects of personal and professional experiences influenced by decision to create a small business in Brooklyn to support a healthy active lifestyle. My love for sport, nurturing others being outside and connecting with people lead me to the thriving global community we have today and are focused on continuing to grow.

Since 2010 we have offered outdoor premier group fitness workouts, personal training sessions, healthy lifestyle coaching plans designed with experienced qualified fitness, wellness and health qualifications and more recently qualified as an International Professional Development Coach to enrich our suite of services.

As with many small businesses we had to navigate Covid19 pandemic. With extreme efficiency we pivoted our entire suite of services to online streaming live. Offering personal training, group fitness workouts and health coaching consultations streaming live wherever our clients moved to. Covid19 pandemic gave us the opportunity to extend our reach and make it even easy to stay connected all over the world.
It continues to be the fastest growing area  giving previous (locally based) clients who have relocated from New York the option to remain with us.

Supporting other local small businesses is a passion of mine. Luckily we have developed relationships benefiting us and our clients, it's a huge win win and we are excited to be continually promoting strong confident women in business. And we are always looking for partnership opportunities, so if you're interested lets start a conversation and see where it leads email:

As a qualified fitness professional (with certifications from ACE, AFAA, IKFF, Spinning/Johnny G and Heartzones USA, S.I.T Professional Coaching) I continue to design training and healthy lifetsyle programs for clients at every level of fitness defining their personalized goals in order to enrich their lives and help them be at their best. Professional Development Coaching is now an exciting area of growth in our business.

On a personal note, as a parent, I am well aware of the struggle juggling work, family life, and maintaining a healthy fitness routine, career development and making time to invest in yourself. I also know what it feels like to want to loose weight and achieve goals. 130 pounds lighter (enjoying the benefits of a wheat, gluten, dairy & caffeine-free diet), managing to keep it off for the past 25+ years. With many triathlon, duathlon and century rides later I continue to learn, support and grow as an accountability partner to all our global community of friends and clients.
Most of all, I love being a mama to my beautiful daughter xo

our philosophy

My aim is to be relatable, supportive, direct, knowledgeable, openminded, ambitious, approachable, reliable, assertive, creative, deserving, and here for you to create the changes you desire.