BODIESYNERGY is a fitness company based in Brooklyn, New York. We specialize in Outdoor Workouts ranging from Personal Training, Semi-private Training,  Group Fitness (Bootcamp, Kettlebell, Boxing) to our unique parent & baby workout, babiesynergy.

We use our local environment, in Prospect Park, to create dynamic, challenging, focused workouts for all.   Escaping the restrictions of indoor facilities & supporting a greener fitness community.

Each workout  & training session is designed with a focus, varying intensity to keep it exciting.  Our goal is to create & support stronger, leaner, healthier bodies.

If you’re just getting started, wanting to incorporate cross-training, are training for a sporting event, preparing for your wedding, or want to learn how to ride a bike, we can help you every step of the way.

Find a workout that works for you & your schedule on our calendar, and you are always welcome to email with any questions or requests:

Pre- & Post-Natal Babiesynergy

A unique fitness program designed for parents and babies to workout together and create amazing energy. Outdoor Workout: “Pre- & Post-Natal babiesynergy goes walkabout” is suitable for babies from 6 weeks upwards.  A stroller based cardio outdoor workout moving throughout Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Indoor Workout: “babiesynergy” is suitable for babies from 6 weeks to crawling. Our workout focuses on form, fun and fantastic fitness results. Take a look at our fantastic spring training plus nutritional advice @



Outdoor and Indoor Cycling workouts provide fantastic high cardiovascular exercise. If you are new to outdoor cycling and need pointers on how to get the most out of your training and to gain confidence on the bike, or if you are an active competitor and would benefit from slight modifications to make you more efficient and improve your performance, we can provide cycling coaching sessions to help you achieve your goals.


kettlebell training

Kettlebells is a full-body training system that can take you on a journey of strength like you have never experienced. We’ve designed beginner to advanced workout programs, influenced by the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation. Whatever your sport, whatever you think you know – this is dynamically different.   Learning form, correct body alignment, explosive movements developing every muscle. Each workout results in increased flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and intensity.




Outdoor Boxing workout is focused on upper body and core strength. Boxing Drills create a fantastic & effective cardiovascular challenge. And as an added benefit sparing with a workout buddy providing a healthy fit stress release.



Outdoor Bootcamp

Train, strengthen, improve your endurance and power with our challenging OUTDOOR BOOTCAMP workouts. At sunrise and sunset each workout moves throughout Prospect Park, Brooklyn combining resistance training, high-intensity intervals. – targeting major muscle groups – defining your body. Workouts may include:  Stair climbing, Field Drills, Off Road Trails, Core suspension training, Playground Drills.  All levels welcome and encouraged!



Everyone can join a Group Fitness Class and allow the stress of your day to disappear as you are taken through a workout of various disciplines to make YOU fitter, stronger, motivated and healthier.  Indoor Cycling, Kettlebell, Bootcamp are all Group Fitness based workouts.  Sometimes all the motivation you need is to have someone else to workout with!


Personal Training

Everyone has individual fitness needs, wants and desires.  Weight loss, great abs, sexy arms, lean legs, faster runninng pace, faster cycling cadence, more flexibility.  Personal Training allows you to work 1-1 to achieve your goals each step of the way.  Each workout designed with only YOU in mind, with email access for support and encouragement in between sessions.  No workout is exactly the same.  Your results are our measure of success.  We want you to be healthy, fit and fitness happy.  Semi-private sessions are also available by request 2-4 people in each session, specifically working together on their individual fitness goals.



Often times our goals of weight loss, stress relief and overall health and well-being involve a balance and interplay between exercise and eating well. Bodiesynergy has partnered with FLR Nutrition (owned by Frances Largeman-Roth, RD) to design a 6 week series focused on coordinated fitness & nutrition goals with options to take it even further.

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