Bodiesynergy is amazing. It’s not easy, but you still end up having fun. Joanna knows how to strike a balance between kicking your butt and cracking you up. I started going before my wedding because my dress had an open back and minimal sleeves and by the time the wedding rolled around, I looked and felt so amazing that my photographer caught me showing off several different times! 


When I say that my outdoor workouts are life-changing, I’m not just being dramatic. Joanna’s 6:30 am boot camps have seriously impacted my fitness, emotional energy, and well-being in a major way. I’d once been a fairly active person before I had back-to-back babies and my world was rocked. I kept making excuse after excuse (time, money, lack of a nearby gym) as to why I couldn’t start working out again, and I felt sluggish and out of shape and depressed.

Then I discovered Joanna and Bodiesynergy, and it was the answer to all those issues. Yes, it’s early, but 6:30 am is actually the only time I can spare away from my kids and my full-time job. (Plus, it’s the hardest thing I’ll do all day, and it’s over by 7:30 — how amazing is that?) The rates are affordable. And the workouts are outdoors in beautiful Prospect Park, which have made a tremendous difference in my level of happiness even throughout a long hard winter. Seriously, I can’t rave enough about this experience. Just do it for yourself, and for your family too. I know I’ve been a better person since I started.


I had given up on the idea that working out could actually be fun, or even something to look forward to. That is until I met Joanna, who is one of the most outspoken, energetic and positive women I have ever had the pleasure to know. I worked out in Prospect Park, and every single time I’ve seen her, there has been some new challenge. I dragged my body through sand, climbed more stairs than I can count, lunged till I could lunge no more, and LOVED every single minute of it! After the winter kicked my butt, this was exactly what I needed to get back into a healthy routine. I went from one day a week up to three. Thank you Joanna reigniting that fire.


Spin class with Joanna is not for the weary or faint of heart! New to spinning, I find her spin class to be addictive. Her focus on fitness and individual needs in a group class is unique. She begins every class by asking the questions – does anyone have any injuries, does anyone need help fitting with the bike, is anyone new – to insure that everyone, no matter what level or what injuries, has a completely satisfying and safe workout. Be prepared to break out in a sweat early on in the warm up throughout the carefully orchestrated timed hills and sprints to the warm down. Each class is different with constant variations on the drills. Great energy, great music, great fitness, great fun, great results. Apparently I am not the only one who thinks so – warning – her class tends to be oversubscribed so get to class early, otherwise you may not get a bike……Thanks for the ride Joanna!


Chelsea Piers Member since 2001

Pre. Pregnancy. Weight!!!
Under by a half pound, actually. It only took me 2 years and 2 weeks. Totally momentous occasion! — with Joanna Paterson.

Ronnie Koenig

After taking about a year and half of Joanna’s spin class at the gym, I really liked her workouts (one of my first classes were tabatas for the full hour!) and this past summer, I decided I wanted to shake things up from my running and spinning routine. I had never taken a “class” before other than spinning and have been working out for over 13 years so this was a big change for me. I decided to start with boxing – very much out of my comfort zone and loved it! The camaraderie in the class is amazing and very supportive for a newbie like me. Joanna is great! Just like in her spin classes, she put me into proper stance and encouraged me to give my all!

This made it so much easier to transition into kettlebells…and each day I am getting stronger and can see the difference in my core strength. My clothes fit better and I am much stronger running. Joanna is a great and patience instructor — she knows when to push me and has taught me that my body can do more – I just needed a little push to get it there! Thank you :)

Christine Bove

Joanna got me in shape for my wedding. I was a private client but also took her classes at the Y and her boxing class. I started working with Joanna right before I turned 40, and I have never been in such good shape in my entire life. Joanna made each day interesting and different and seemed to know what I was capable of more than I did. She did wonders not just for my fitness, but for my confidence as well. I had tried other trainers before, but she is by far the best I ever worked with!


What I love most about Joanna is that she’s all business when it comes to fitness. In a world where spinning has become the new aerobics craze complete with arm flapping and cute little outfits, she keeps her classes focused on what is really important: fitness. Weight loss and vanity are side benefits but not her primary goal (although, I do credit her for keeping my ass from falling to the ground!). She gives us 100% and we give her 100%!

As a weekend warrior, she’s helped me look at performance completely differently. For years, it was about pushing the legs to move faster, harder and longer, but she has taught me to focus on strengthening my heart, lungs and mind. So, it’s not just about performance. It’s about fitness. And that’s something I’ll carry with me forever. Thanks boss!


Chelsea Piers Member

I joined the Y about 2 months ago and just recently started taking some of Joanna’s classes. She is amazing. I was told that she was a no nonsense trainer and she would kick my butt. And guess what, SHE TORE ME UP!!!!!!! and I love every minute of her Interval Training, and Kettle bell class. She is exactly what a person looking to get into shape needs and I’m so glad to have her as my instructor.


Thanks for helping me fit into this very unforgiving dress:) I’m feeling very confident thanks to Boot Camp–and of course, the definition is an ongoing project!

(Frances recently appeared on the Today show, sharing recipes for Panko-crusted cod and more. See her looking fit and confident by clicking here.)

Frances Largeman-Roth, RD

I’ve trained with Joanna at the Y for a long time, which is great. I already knew what an ass-kicker she is, that she’s very focused and dedicated. I recently started joining her for bootcamps and outdoor workouts with bodiesynergy. I’ve been a yoga teacher for a long time, and while that practice is wonderful and key to my fitness and sanity, Joanna has taught me how hard and how smart I need to work in order to really improve my health and well being. She’s taught me about how to safely push beyond what I had long assumed were my limitations. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong, and I feel really lucky to be working with someone as committed and creative as she is. It’s never boring and I always feel great afterwards!


I never have to wonder if a Bootcamp workout actually works.  I can FEEL that it does – every time.  Joanna constantly changes up the exercise regimen which keeps the workouts challenging and interesting.  And I love the group.  I’m actually happy to see these people at 6:30 am!  I am my own testament to this program.  At almost two years in,  I’m still doing it!


Bootcamp participant

I wanted to write you a proper email of thanks for your superb spin classes! I never ride enough outside (I’m afraid of it!), and I think that coming to your classes regularly has made a big difference to my bike fitness, especially in terms of how fresh I feel coming off the bike. This is the race I did on Sunday:

I was one of the slowest finishers, but I felt strong all day – the bike is only 30 miles, but the last 5 miles has a 1000-foot climb up to the transition area, and I just got in my littlest gear and climbed away – thinking – this is MUCH less horrible than those crazy 25-minute climbs we do in Joanna’s class! In short, huge boost to mental and physical fitness!

I’ve just registered for IM Wisconsin, for next September – am looking forward to lots of spinning over the winter…

I’m back in class Friday – can’t wait!


Chelsea Piers member, triathlete

Bootcamp in Prospect Park with Joanna Paterson is a fun, effective way to get in shape and build the body you want. Joanna is patient and designs her classes for all levels of fitness. She gives individual attention to everyone in her class to insure your using the proper form. Her classes have challenged me to work harder by using proper form getting me a much stronger body that has helped me in every other sport I do………… Love you Joanna :0)

Scott Morrow

It’s no exaggeration to say that Joanna changed my life. Before I started training with her, the idea of working out and getting fit was such a chore. Joanna has inspired confidence in me to push myself physically and mentally. She taught me that fitness can be both challenging and fun at the same time. No two workouts are ever the same – and the variety keeps it interesting, from indoor cycling, to kettlebells, to bootcamp.

More importantly, Joanna inspires community. Through her classes, I’ve met some amazing people and have forged friendships along the way. In turn, I look forward to working out because I know there are supportive, caring individuals with me and we encourage each other to reach our goals. And we keep coming back for more because we know Joanna will be there to help us along the way. But make no mistake – she is tough, determined, and committed to getting you into shape.

Thanks Joanna!


I’m a member of the YMCA AOA class. Johanna effortlessly keeps the exercise within our capabilities, at the same time making the class challanging. She really knows her business.

Alyson Arnold

I began taking cycling classes that Joanna taught. At first I was intimidated because she has a reputation of being tough but that passed very quickly. She corrected my form which changed my ride, my workout and my recovery time for the better. I had been struggling at indoor cycling for a while before taking her class I instantly felt more challenged but also safer and knew I was in good hands. After taking off 12 lbs in just 3 weeks I decided to try her outdoor bootcamp and Kettlebells. That is a great experience too. Her great leadership and fitness skills take the fear out of trying new things.

Overall I feel like something magical happened when I met Joanna. The kind of synergy that one can only hope to find in a fitness instructor. I know I am in good hands and that her inspirational sessions will help me realize my long and short term fitness goals.

Thank you Joanna.

Jesse Temple

Boot Camp with Joanna is HARDCORE! She told us we were going to do Tabata drills and I said “Ta Whata?” When the hour of Boot Camp was done I knew exactly what she meant. She is a Life Coach who will help you achieve your personal goals.


I met Joanna when she taught spinning at my local gym.  Though I rarely took her class, she was an inspiration to me. I found quality and guidance in how she presents being fit. As an example, when I subsequently went jogging I wore a heart monitor.  That was her influence! Her approach inspires striving in lieu of feeling self-conscious, unable to achieve fitness, or thwarted by being older.  She makes everyone feel positive and optimistic.  Attitude is everything. Her warm spirit and enthusiasm are infectious. What a special lady she is!!

An Upper West Sider

Elle slept for 12 hours straight last night after baby boot camp and has slept most of the day today – unbelievable! She also slept this well last Thursday after your class – thank you!


babiesynergy client