2013 Highlights and Thank you!

First, to my clients & everyone who makes BODIESYNERGY Fitness a success, thank you!  Our amazing fitness community has successfully grown to an amazing 10+ workouts per week during 2013 and each of you encourage me to be at my best & bring educated, focused training sessions to each of the hours we spend together.

Its important for us to take sometime and recognize what we have achieved.   I wanted to focus on some of the many highlights & personal fitness goals you have championed in 2013:

Brooklyn Half Marathon, NYC Half Marathon, NYC Marathon, Philadelphia Marathon, 50 mile rides, 100 mile rides, Triathlon,  Injury Recovery, completing your first Outdoor Bootcamp, Graduation from babiesynergy (parent & baby workouts) to adult only workouts/bootcamp & many others.

Being open to new fitness experiences is a personal achievement in itself.  Many of you have come outside for your first non-gym fitness experience and one of my personal favorites is when you tell me “I QUIT MY GYM MEMBERSHIP” to workout with BODIESYNERGY.

Here are some the things BODIESYNERGY Fitness as a business has achieved this year…

Corporate Training 

Many NYC based corporations are facilitating positive healthy lifestyle decisions by offering their staff the opportunity to workout with a Fitness Professional as part of their benefits.

BODIESYNERGY successfully presented a workout plan to encourage “team building” & a sense of “team spirit” to the Institute of Culinary Education (I.C.E) in Chelsea, NYC. The first series was to train staff (of all levels within the corporation) once per week over a 6 week series. It was such a success we added a 2nd series which included nutrition support for the holiday season (provided by our partner, Frances L Roth RD), & personal fitness goal setting for 2014.

When asked to describe their individual fitness experiences they enthusiastically replied:

“Fun”, “Challenging”, “Pain –  but in a good way”, “booty”, “Tough”, “Breath of fresh air”, “Can’t wait til next year”, “Walking downstairs – ouch”

I look forward to going back to ICE in January 2014 for our 3rd BODIESYNERGY Fitness Series!

Training Seleni Institute Team for the 2013 ING New York City Marathon

This year I had the amazing opportunity to team up with Frances L Roth RD  to train & support the Seleni Institute team as they prepared for their momentous event, the 2013 ING New York City Marathon in November. Team Seleni exceeded their original fundraising goal of $25,000 for the Seleni Institute,  a nonprofit organization which provides women with comprehensive, evidence-based reproductive and mental health care on the Upper East Side NYC.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this hugely successful event for everyone who took part.  It was a pleasure, looking forward to next time.

Making Connections

BODIESYNERGY business partnerships take us to a new level of providing a wealth of healthy lifestyle services to you as our valued clients. We continue developing successful relationships with local independent businesses such as;

Frances L Roth RD – FLR Nutrition,  David Lipscomb – CIS Training System & Ari & Colin – Intigrat.  Business links are available on our home page  www.bodiesynergy.com

Thank you for creating new & exciting opportunities & being part of the BODIESYNERGY Fitness Team.


BODIESYNERGY in the news

We were fortunate to be mentioned in various articles over the year, here are some of the “publicity highlights”;


We are building a fitness community which enriches us.  Being outside at sunrise for our 6:30 am Outdoor Bootcamp is NOT easy, neither is learning to lift a Kettlebell correctly, but we do it!  We encourage each other, we challenge each other & we laugh together and we grow together. Congratulations on your motivation, achieving your fitness goals,  and making the commitment.

I am proud to be your trainer!  Cheers to us & a successful 2014! “Fit ‘n 14” Starts Now !



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