Indoor Cycling Training Works! Read how our clients prove it.

Effective Indoor Cycling Training will compliment all outdoor training, detraining* programs & maintain cardiovascular fitness during your “off season”. Clients who consistently attend, focus & follow professionally presented Indoor Cycling classes get REAL RESULTS as proven by two of our regular clients.

Jenny Davidson, member @ Chelsea Piers Gym, Manhattan successfully competed in the Survival of the Shawangunks (SOS triathlon) and is now training for the Wisconsin Ironman Triathlon in September 2013!


Nori Tokumasu, member @ Chelsea Piers Gym, Manhattan successfully competed in the first and only NYC IRONMAN 2012!



Both clients attend our weekly Indoor Cycling Classes and recently credited these classes for helping support their training, achieving fantastic results in the outdoor events. (See Jenny’s testimonial here) Congratulations Nori and Jenny for being amazing athletes!

Heart rate monitoring is an additional effective training tool. Both these clients use heart rate monitors in our sessions to monitor and enhance their performance further. Exercising in effective heart zones can support almost every element on fitness, reduce stress and achieve that “feel-good” state of mind. Here are some examples of their results from sessions at Chelsea Piers:

Nori – Strength Training – gradual climb – 60 minutes


Nori – Interval Training – 60 minutes

Jenny – Strength Training – 60 minutes

Check out all Indoor Cycling Classes on our schedule: If you would like to attend a class as a guest please email: for more details.


* Detrain: train with less intensity. Usually done in the “off season” for athletic events/sports/competition which varies for different sports & locations. Training programs change to create more flexibility, heal, strengthen & support any injuries and increase rest time. Detraining allows your body, mind, spirit to recharge!

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