Participation Waiver

As a valued client of BODIESYNERGY, you have signed a “PARTICIPATION WAIVER” form.  This is an insurance requirement for BODIESYNERGY to ensure all participants understand their liability during a BODIESYNERGY workout.  This applies to all CLIENTS in all our workouts including, but not exclusive to; Personal Training, semi-private Training, babiesynergy, Kettlebell Training, Boxing Workouts, Bootcamp.

Publicity & Marketing Material

As a valued client of BODIESYNERGY, you have signed a “CONSENT AND RELEASE” form.  This allows images taken during workouts for marketing & publicity purposes.

Cancellation Policy

Workouts that require a reservation (Kettlebell Training, Boxing Workouts, Semi-private & Personal Training Sessions) are subject to a client cancellation fee if cancelled within 12 hours of the workout. Full fee (semi-private, personal training, single workout or bodie-fit bank fee apply).

All outdoor workouts are weather permitting.  If a workout needs to be cancelled, clients will be notified within 1-2 hours via email & social media.  We aim to give our clients as much notice as possible and appreciate everyone’s understanding.

Personal Hygiene 

Our policy during all workouts is that we ask our clients to wear clean, suitable, comfortable clothing & accessories including socks & athletic supportive sneakers.  Workout towels are provided for Kettlebell Training & Boxing workouts.


All feedback is gratefully received.  If you would like to share your success story, comment on any of our fitness workouts or make a request we would like to hear from you.  Please submit your comment to:  Your comment will not “go live” until it is approved by Joanna Paterson, CEO & Founder of BODIESYNERGY.

Thank you again for taking the time to read through our policies.  Any future updates or changes will be emailed & posted online as soon as possible.



Please review the attached waiver and, if possible, print out and sign before your first workout. If not, one will be available for signature at the time of your workout. No waiver, no workout.